GE Wants To Move All Your Health Data To The Cloud

The first step? Linking half a million radiology devices.

In this day and age, you can easily share photos through Dropbox, notes in Evernote, or spreadsheets via Google Drive with anyone. But good luck helping two doctors at two different hospitals to see the same patient records online. Instead, when a patient goes to a medical center for the first time, they often have to repeat tests they’ve undergone before—such as a computerized tomography (CT) scan, which uses X-ray technology to produce cross-sectional images of the body.

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Turn your thoughts into 3D images with WordsEye

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 18.12.15
WordsEye is a Web and mobile app that can turn your written text into a 3D image. Featured on Product Hunt this week, its creator says the idea came from the fact that 3D artists can make pretty much anything they imagine, while the rest of us aren’t as well equipped. WordsEye opens up that possibility to the non-artist and uses natural language processing to make the 3D scenes. All a user has to do is describe what they’d like to see.   You can create serious imagery for projects or prototypes or just use it as a fun tool…

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Programmer used secret scripts to automate his life, and now you can too

Laziness isn’t always a bad trait… especially if you can channel it as creatively as this. The anonymous programmer has created scripts to automate even the most menial daily tasks. However, these weren’t discovered until he left his position and his former colleagues found and posted them on GitHub for the world to enjoy. The repository contains a dozen types of useful scripts for all sorts of things, from texting his wife with an array of excuses for being late home from work to a script that detected if he wasn’t logged in at the office by 8:45AM and emailed his boss…

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Google Search has a hidden Star Wars easter egg

Star Wars Google
When Google announced a set of Star Wars themes and gags across its suite of products, turns out it didn’t tell us everything. The company sent out this cryptic tweet yesterday: Hint: Search the beginning. #ChooseYourSide — Google (@google) November 23, 2015 It asks users to  ‘search the beginning’, by which it means the famous first preceding the Star Wars opening crawl: “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.” Do that, and you’ll be treated to a set of search results styled like the beginning to every Star Wars movie ever. The accompanying John Williams score,…

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Heat Wave

Madrid is a city that can easily reach 40º C in July and August.
I challenged myself to create a series playing ironically with the extreme weather conditions of te summer and the heat wave as a concept.
The resulting images are a series of fresh compositions to avoid thirst and survive the high temperatute with a smile.

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User Research With Small Business Owners: Best Practices and Considerations

The majority of our work at Google has involved conducting user research with small business owners: the small guys that are typically defined by governmental organizations as having 100 or fewer employees, and that make up the majority of businesses worldwide. Given the many hurdles small businesses face, designing tools and services to help them…

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