A New Challenger Appears

Prototyping is fundamental in a host of different industries. Since I spend a lot of my time prototyping as a user experience (UX) designer, I look to other fields for insights into new techniques that might save time or more effectively communicate an interaction. Storyboards are a great example of a technique that the UX…

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When words are not enough

The frequently-raised objection when it comes to quality research, UX research included, is that the conclusions are drawn based on the participants’ declarations. However, there exist some methods which allow one to grasp the real behaviors of participants, and they can be easily implemented into the research scenario. During exploratory research, the respondents are often…

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Grand Unified Theory of Service Design, Systems Design, and Organization Design

Jeff Sussna is an internationally-recognized systems thinker and IT expert, combining engineering expertise with an ability to bridge business, creative, and technical perspectives. He is Founder and Principal of Ingineering.IT, and will be speaking and leading a workshop at this year’s Managing Experience Conference in San Francisco, March 29–30. I sat down with Jeff to […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Designers

Are there common personality traits among designers that should shape the way they’re managed? Design managers naturally think about what they need from their team, but Bob Baxley, a design executive in Silicon Valley, believes it’s more interesting to consider what designers need from their manager in order to thrive. Baxley is a keynote speaker at this year’s Managing […]

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