For years, Apple followed user-centered design principles. Then something went wrong.

3053406Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini are taking their gloves off and accuse Apple of abandoning the fundamental principles of good design: discoverability, feedback, proper mapping, appropriate use of constraints, and, of course, the power to undo one’s operations. Apple, they argue in a long essay, has lost its way, driven by concern for style and […]

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Who’s Leaving Mysterious Messages On Old Marquees Across The U.S.?

Meet the Jenny Holzer of small-town America.

Whenever photographer Victoria Crayhon goes on a road trip, she makes sure to bring along a few packets of marquee letters. That way, if she comes across an old movie or motel marquee sign that looks like it’s seen better days, she can leave her own clever inscription on it. Over the past 14 years, Crayhon has left her roadside messages on signs all across the country and documented them in her brilliant photo series Thoughts On Romance From The Road.

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Why lack of communication has become the number one reason people quit

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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” — George Bernard Shaw Communication is a core part of the human experience. And yet, we still struggle with it. Despite the explosion of communication technology, under-communication remains a major challenge at work. It prevents organizations, and employees, from reaching their full potential. A 2014 survey from found the top three reasons why people do not like their jobs — accounting for 62 percent of responses — were communication related. The biggest issue, a lack of direction from management, was followed by poor communication overall,…

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