Flickr’s Top 25 Photographs of 2017

This stunning photograph of the Milky Way over Harvey Dam in Western Australia was taken by Flickr user inefekt69 in February. It was selected as one of Flickr’s top images of 2017. So was this magnificent picture of Mont Saint-Michel in France, with its reflection showing in a puddle of water by Flickr user Loïc Lagarde.

To select the best images of the year, Flickr relied on user metrics, such as how many views and favorites the pictures received, to whittle the contenders down. Then the final 25 were selected by the Flickr staff. See all 25 of Flickr’s best photos of 2017 here. And if you’ve got time, there are 612 galleries of top photos broken down by category here. -via Metafilter

from Neatorama

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